NRS Healthcare Malvern Padded Vinyl Seat Perching Stool


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NRS Healthcare Malvern Padded Vinyl Seat Perching Stool

This Malvern Padded Vinyl Seat Perching Stool is a height adjustable perching stool that has a padded seat, arm rests and back rest for the maximum user comfort, and angled, height adjustable legs that give a wide base for maximum stability and improved user safety.

Perching stools are ideal for use anywhere around the home where a comfortable and easy to use stool can help a user with a range of day to day tasks by reducing the need for standing.

Examples of use could include, in the bathroom a perching stool could be placed in front of the sink to help whilst washing or shaving. In the kitchen a perching stool could be used at a work top during food preparation or baking, or at the sink whilst washing up.

The Malvern Padded Vinyl Seat Perching Stool has a frame that is designed with slightly shorter legs at the front than the back, angling the seat slightly forward, and making it easier for the user to get on and off the stool. The seat, back rest and arm rests are all well padded to ensure the user maximum comfort when using the stool. The perching stools legs are height adjustable through a very good range and angled, allowing the user to position the seat at a height that gives them maximum comfort, and increasing the stools stability.

The Malvern Perching Stool comes in a wide range of options including stools with back rests, armrests and height adjustable versions, all of which are available in this area of our shop.

Perching stools are not to be used in the shower or in a wet room environment.


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