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Where to Find Hospital Beds at Sale Prices?

Whether you’re a medical care home that is shopping for new beds for the residents or the family of an elderly person needing extra care in the home, you need a good source of hospital beds for sale.

Your loved one’s current bed may not be working out for them if it’s a traditional style of bed. They may spend a lot of time in bed, so they need supportive back support for when they’re reading in bed or watching television, or even enjoying a good meal.

It may be time to upgrade their bed to a quality hospital bed.

What Are the Best Features of Hospital Beds for Sale?

There are hospital beds that come with a wide range of options. They can raise from the top to prop up the head and shoulders, or from the base to prop up the legs and feet.

There are also rotating options, so the bed rotates around to allow the patient to step down more easily into a wheelchair, or to hold onto their walker or scooter. Some beds have wheels on the bottom so they can be moved around the room more easily for cleaning.

You can shop for hospital beds at home and find the bed frames and the mattresses separately or together. There are also temporary options, such as the Apollo Pro Airflow Mattress which can be placed in an accessible spot for your loved one to use. After they’ve recovered, the mattress can be put away.

What Range of Hospital Beds Prices to Expect?

It depends on what features you want on your bed, and whether you are buying the frame, mattress, or both together.

The fully featured rotating bed is going to be upwards of £8000, while a simple inflatable bed around £2000, or a bed frame for the same. It’s important to shop around for reasonable prices.

Often local mobility supplies shops have a limited range and charge upwards of £12,000 for a bed and mattress. Start shopping around now to find the best options for you or your loved one.

Where to Shop for Good Hospital Beds Prices?

You can shop for hospital beds for sale here on our mobility website. We have the cheapest prices online for hospital beds.

You can find a wide range of medical mobility supplies and beds on our online store, and be able to shop in one spot to save time and money.

Soon you or your loved one will feel more comfortable in their home, having a safe and secure place to sleep at night, or to simply lounge around during the day.

If you’re searching for cheap hospital bed prices, then definitely do your research. You can find a wide range of hospital beds for sale here on our Mobility Scooters Online UK website.

We have a wide range of mobility gadgets and aid products to cover every aspect of an elderly or disabled person’s needs throughout life, to make them feel happier and more comfortable in their home.



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