R-Lite Super Soft Resistive Foam Blocks – Box of 32


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R-Lite Super Soft Resistive Foam Blocks – Box of 32

This box of 32 Super Soft Resistive R-Lite Foam Blocks are exercise blocks that are designed to help a user strengthen fingers and hands following injury or surgery, and they are particularly suitable for users who suffer from arthritis.

R-Lite Resistive Foam Blocks are available in a range of four different resistance levels, allowing for different strength levels in users, whilst also offering the user or therapist, structured progression. The blocks are made from slow recovery foam, (the rate of exercise is determined by the foams recovery time) which stops the overly enthusiastic user over-exercising a muscle, and are colour coded for ease of recognition, with these yellow super soft blocks offering the lowest level of resistance available in the range. After use, the blocks can be washed in warm soapy water and air dried to ensure hygiene and long product life.


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