Invacare Action 2 Self-Propelled Wheelchair – 18″ Width


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Invacare Action 2 Self-Propelled Wheelchair

With a range of features making travel easier, the Action 2 Self-Propelled Wheelchair is a convenient and helpful choice which has also been transport tested for use in vehicles.

The Action 2 has a folding back, as well as removable footrests and full-length armrests, letting you store or transport it much more easily. To increase safety this wheelchair also features anti-tippers at the back, which help to raise the wheelchair when going over small steps or kerbs.

The solid tyres are reliable and low maintenance, and the rear wheel mounting plate is specially designed to let you adjust the seat to one of three height options, so you can find the best fit for you.

The Action 2 has front castors mounted on the outside of the frame, to give you more foot space when getting out of the wheelchair or for foot propelling.


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