Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift – White Covers


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Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift

This new Aquatec Orca Reclining Bath Lift is an exceptional bath lift that has been designed with those that require a little assistance whilst bathing in mind, providing the user with unsurpassed levels of comfort and support.

For ease of use, the Orca Reclining Bath Lifts has a number of design features that includes greater legroom, ease of disassembly and an ergonomic, buoyant hand control that contains the lightweight battery; the hand controller also has a quick release system. Orca Reclining Bath Lifts incorporate a clever lightweight battery within the ergonomic hand control so that users with limited hand strength can still operate the smooth and gentle lift with minimum fuss. Raised profile, coloured buttons and an emergency stop feature allow simple, controlled operation promoting user independence whilst providing the utmost reassurance. The hand control connects quickly and easily to the back of the Orca, ensuring a secure and completely watertight seal and is effortlessly released with just one hand. The reclining backrest allows the user to select the most comfortable and relaxing bathing position and for safety the Orca Reclining Bath Lift has a textured surface reducing the risk of slipping, allowing use without covers if desired. The side flaps are hinged flush to the main seating surface and allow safe and secure lateral transfers, without trapping the skin. When pushed forward the Orca’s backrest folds down and automatically unlocks. The backrest and base section can then be removed from the bath with ease and the two sections fit neatly into one another to give an extremely compact size for neat and tidy storage.


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