Relaxa Bath Lifting Belt


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Relaxa Bath Lifting Belt

Need a little help getting in and out of the bath but don’t yet need a chair-style bath lift? The Relaxa Bath Lifting Belt is a motorised device to help those who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath, so you can safely enjoy a relaxing bath.

It can be operated by up/down buttons on the front of the lift or by using the handheld control unit. A handle is also fixed to the top of the bathlift unit to increase stability for you while getting in and out of the bath. The Bath Lifting Belt features a fully retractable belt, allowing the bath to be used without the belt at any time. The display on the bath lift unit also provides the water temperature and the battery status.

This compact bath lift doesn’t need wiring or plumbing as it uses a rechargeable battery, however, it must be fitted to solid wall by a qualified person.

Please note, this product may not be suitable for those with severe balance and/or mobility issues. If you have any questions regarding its suitability, please speak with our advice service.


Because it is imperative that the installation is carried out safely and correctly, the bath lift must be fitted by a competent professional, familiar with building and construction. Walls of various constructions each require different treatments and fixings. The supporting wall must be sufficiently robust to hold the unit and a user weight of up to 127kg (280lbs) during its operation. Fixing screws are not included.

Wall mounting the unit:
Fitting to a solid brick wall with sound tile or plaster finish: Position the wall plate. Use 6x 6mm screws into suitable rawlplugs to fix to this type of wall (Minimum length 80mm). Follow the screw manufacturers instructions for the correct fitting. Make certain that all 6 fastenings are securely fitted.

Fitting to a ‘studded’ or non-solid wall:
An absolutely secure fixing to this type of wall is vital, so reinforcement of or the insertion of a solid area is required. Consult a builder experienced in this work. If screwed rods with nuts are used to fix right through the wall, together with a load spreading plate on the rear side, then make certain that the rods finish flush with the nuts inside the unit.

Floor anchor fixing:
Fitting to a stone or concrete floor –
First, make certain that there are no services that might be damaged by drilling into the floor. With the unit soundly fixed to the wall, extend the belt square across the bath and vertically down the side. Position the floor anchor bracket against the bath panel ensuring a snug fit. Use 7x No. 10 stainless steel screws into suitable rawlplugs to fix to this type of floor. Follow the rawlplug manufacturer’s instructions for correct fitting.
Fitting to a wooden boarded floor –
Procedure as above. Use 7x No. 10 screws to fasten the mounting bar to the floor. If it is thought that the flooring is not adequate to take the strain, add a cross baton under the floor to reinforce the boarding.


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