Casa Elite Bed with Wooden Rails


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Casa Elite Bed with Wooden Rails

A perfect addition for the nursing and residential care environment, the Casa Elite Bed has safety features which benefit both residents and carers. It’s an electrical profiling bed with adjustable head, foot and knee sections to allow for effective residental care. It also offers multiple profiling and positioning benefits which will help to reduce any complications due to immobility. This includes the Reverse Trendelenburg position (foot down position) and the Cardiac chair position (which allows extra comfort for the user nursed in bed) .

The bed can be both raised and lowered to ensure the carer is not having to stretch or crouch when moving or handling the patient.

The bed has been designed so it can be easily installed by one person, with all sections being below 25kg for safe manual handling. It is easy to use once installed, with a 9 button handset. The wooden side rails are included to provide additional safety for the resident in bed.

Complaint to EN 60601-1-11*, EN 60601-1 and EN60601-2-52.


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