Kylie Bed Pad – Single Bed – Triple Pack – Blue


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Kylie Bed Pad – Single Bed – Triple Pack

From the award winning Kylie brand, these blue versions of the Bed Pads are 910mm x 910mm (36″ x 36″) in size making them ideal for use on a single bed.

Kylie Bed Pads are extremely soft and ingeniously designed with a unique one-way urine barrier, the stay-dry surface wicks away the moisture for maximum user comfort and the waterproof backing gives excellent bed protection. Fitted with tuck-in flaps providing an extremely secure fit to the bed.

Featuring the 5-layer Kylie Bed Pad technology, these quilted pads keep the sleeper dry, reducing bed changes and helping to prevent soreness and infections. Washable up to 300 times makes these highly cost effective and provides excellent longevity.

Suitable for washing at 95°c, killing any bacteria means this Kylie Bed Pad can be used by multiple patients without the risk of cross contamination. These are Single Bed sized Kylie Bed Pad supplied in Blue; Pink pads and other sizes are also available in this section of the website.


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