Propad Mattress Overlay – Double


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Propad Mattress Overlay

This double bed sized version of the Invacare Propad Mattress Overlay is designed to sit on top of the conventional mattress providing comfort and pressure area care for those users who are considered to be at High Risk of developing pressure ulcers.

The Propad brand is recognised throughout the healthcare sector for delivering high quality and very effective pressure care products that provide users with relief and comfort. The mattress overlay has been specially designed to reduce friction, whilst increasing the overall support surface area therefore minimising the peak pressure. This also enables the mattress overlay to achieve even weight distribution which makes the mattress even more comfortable for the user. Furthermore the cover is multi-stretch, water-resistant and breathable and it also has an anti-slip base, preventing the mattress overlay from slipping or moving around whilst on the bed and improving user safety.

This Invacare Propad Mattress Overlay comes with a Waterlow Score of 15+, which means the mattress overlay is suitable for individuals who are at a High Risk of developing pressure ulcers. The Propad Mattress Overlay is also available in a single and king size version both of which can be found in this area of our website.


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