Kitchen Workstation


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Kitchen Workstation

The highly versatile Kitchen Workstation is a well proportioned food preparation board that also features a range of additional aids that have been specifically designed to help the user with a wide array of those day to day kitchen tasks.

The workstation features a clamp that can be used to hold food for preparation, vegetables for slicing, bread for cutting etc or could be used to hold bowls, jars or bottles in place. The workstation also has a scrubbing brush and a small group of spikes, that are easily removed when not required, on its surface that can be used to firstly clean and then keep firmly in position fruit or vegetables for one handed peeling and preparation.

A grating and slicing box is also supplied and this can be mounted securely on the surface of the Kitchen Workstation, allowing easy one handed grating and slicing of food items with the added benefit of the hygienic collection box.

The final feature is the workstations raised corner lip that makes spreading butter, margarine, jam or other spreads onto a slice of bread an almost effortless task, keeping the bread securely in one place during the entire process.

Representing real value for money, the Kitchen Workstation is a truly multifunctional kitchen aid that not only simplifies but reduces the risk of a wide range of kitchen tasks and is ideal for use by the elderly, the disabled or those with arthritis or similar conditions.


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