Electric Mini Pedal Exerciser


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Electric Mini Pedal Exerciser

The Electric Mini Pedal Exerciser is a great value for money motorised pedal exerciser.

It has electrically powered pedals whose speed can be varied using the handheld remote, allowing the user to control the amount of assistance they receive. The pedal exerciser is ideal for rehabilitation in the home, helping a user to improve fitness, circulation and muscle strength and allowing a user to exercise effectively from the comfort of their own chair. The pedal exerciser is ideal for exercising the legs from either a seated position or when lying down, but can also be placed on a table or work surface to allow the user to exercise the arms and upper body. The Electric Mini Pedal Exerciser features a built-in digital monitor that displays the number of revolutions, calories burned and elapsed time, as well as a remote control. The comfortable pedals are designed to move forwards and backwards to target various muscles. With a lightweight, sleek and compact design, the Mini Exercise Bike can easily be stored away when not in use.


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