Dietz Power SANGO XXL Power Wheelchair


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Dietz Power SANGO XXL Power Wheelchair

The Dietz Power SANGO XXL Power Wheelchair offers a specially designed chassis with heavy duty features as standard and reinforced wheels for those needing a robust and reliable powered wheelchair, capable of handling larger sizes and user weights of up to 250kg (40st).

The Sango XXL is a front wheel drive powerchair which offers you the highest levels of manoeuvrability. With its heavy-duty rubber suspension system, the chair gives an almost silent drive and the highest level of comfort because it can absorb vibration from general surfaces as well as larger bumps from rougher outdoor obstacles.

Fitted as standard with heavy-duty 4-pole high torque motors and a 120Ah power module, it offers a great drive with the highest levels of manoeuvrability and smoothness.

The SANGO XXL has 78Ah batteries fitted as standard, allowing for a good range of driving outdoors. 100Ah batteries can be fitted as an optional extra for those users wanting to go that little bit further.

This power wheelchair is crash tested and passed for 4-point occupancy tie downs. Featuring Dietz Power’s SEGO XXL seating system, the seating is fully adjustable to individual requirements. A wide range of seat cushions, backrest cushions and other accessory options allow us to prescribe you the best postural and comfort seating for your situation.

The chair has a full range of powered options which can be added on including powered seat tilt, powered seat lift, powered backrest recline, powered anterior seat tilt, powered centre mount leg rest and powered individual leg rests. All these options are available for users up to 250kg (40st). If your specific requirements can’t be met by standard options, it can be fitted with customised and bespoke items to ensure a perfect solution to your needs.

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