Esprit Action Power Wheelchair


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Esprit Action Power Wheelchair

Incredibly lightweight and easy to transport, the Esprit Action Power Wheelchair delivers all the benefits of a standard power wheelchair without the added size and bulk. Ideal for those who like to get about easily, it offers incredible manoeuvrability with the ability to navigate even the tightest spaces.

It offers incredible manoeuvrability and can navigate the tightest of spaces thanks to its slender frame. For the highest levels of convenience, this chair is designed with the motors sitting on the inside helping to reduce the overall width for a sleeker look and feel.

The wheels can be detached without the need for any tools and they also have a self-propel option if desired. It can be dismantled with the utmost of ease making it simple to store and transport.

Created to allow for configurable options that you would normally only expect in a manual chair, the Esprit Action Power Wheelchair also incorporates the powerful drive wheels discreetly into the hub to maximise its slender frame.

Highly adjustable, it can be altered to suit the individual meaning that your chair will meet your every need.

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