Hula Power Wheelchair


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Hula Power Wheelchair

With excellent indoor manoeuvrability and unwavering outdoor performance, the Hula Power Wheelchair offers superb versatility and outstanding comfort to the user. Its unique suspension means that it can easily climb into and out of a doorway as well as tackling small slopes making it perfect for use around the house and in the garden.

Created by Sunrise Medical who produce the renowned Quickie brand, the Hula has the ability to turn on the spot and has an exceptionally narrow width making moving in and out of small spaces extremely easy, delivering fantastic indoor agility. This Sunrise Wheelchair also offers an impressive outdoor performance; its mid-wheel drive helps to increase traction and stability ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride at all times.

For added comfort and convenience, it is highly adjustable and can easily be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Offering a wide range of seating options, this versatile chair can also be easily adapted in the future to meet your changing personal needs. For all items that come as standard, please see the product specification below.

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