Invacare Aviva RX40 Modulite Power Chair


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Invacare Aviva RX40 Modulite Power Chair

The Invacare Aviva RX40 Power Chair is a perfect solution to everyday mobility. With a compact base and small turning radius it is highly versatile and easy to manoeuvre, for use both indoors and outdoors.

Combined with the small turning circle, the low floor to seat height means that this Power Chair can navigate hallways, shopping isles, cafes or homes with ease, fitting under tables and desks comfortably. It can also be used in wheelchair accessible vehicles. The arm- and legrests are also both adjustable and removable. The CTC (Control, Traction, Comfort) suspension system isolates the seat from bumps and vibrations, and ensures optimum weight distribution, traction and control with all four wheels always in contact with the ground.

The Aviva RX40 is available with either a Modulite seating system or a standard one-piece seat, so that you can select the option that is best for you. With a manually settable tilt of up to 15 degrees, it can also recline up to 30 degrees for maximum pressure relief. To ensure it maintains true driving direction, the optional LiNX G-trac feature prevents the need for continually correcting the chair, and provides a choice of controls from basic to touch-screen. Featuring a new fully road-legal lighting system, it utilises ultra-beam technology to keep you visible and safe whilst out in low-light settings.

This Power Chair has a range of accessories and options so that you can choose what is best for you, including 6, 10 or 12 kmph motor packages, a choice of suspension and battery settings.

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