Permobil M5 Corpus Powerchair


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Permobil M5 Corpus Powerchair

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The Permobil M5 Corpus Powerchair is built to explore new driving environments. Along with high levels of comfort, this Powerchair offers stronger motors, more speed, higher elevation, incredible traction and stability as well as better reach so that you can get optimal results in many different driving situations.

High performance motors produce a top speed of 7.5mph (12kmph) and up to 3mph (5kmph) whilst fully elevated. Low-end torque also allows for extreme pivoting, with the FlexLinkPro individual suspension system on the drive wheels maintaining high levels of comfort, even at 14″ (35.5cm) of elevation. All 6 wheels have an agile independent suspension, so that you remain comfortable through various terrains. Powerful LED lights and an increased driving distance ensure that you can stay out and about safely for longer, especially when combined with the quicker charging times and longer battery life.

The Active Reach on the M5 Corpus tilts the seat forwards up to 20° whilst also raising the seat to extend functional reach, helping greatly with everyday activities as well as transfers. Combined with the Active Height, the M5 Corpus is an ideal solution to accessing your surrounding environment.

Utilising the Corpus Seating system and the new Corpus Cushion to improve pelvic position, immersion and lateral stability, the M5 Corpus also features soft, dual-density foam in the backrest. Stretch-Air, a breathable, water-resistant fabric, is used on the cushions to make them machine washable as well as comfortable. The Corpus seating also has a re-designed pelvic well for even better positioning.

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