TiLite ZR Rigid Titanium Wheelchair


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TiLite ZR Rigid Titanium Wheelchair

TiLite ZR Rigid Titanium Wheelchair.

The TiLite ZR Rigid Titanium Wheelchair from Permobil incorporates Tilite’s mono tubing giving the ZR strength and durability yet still providing a super lightweight wheelchair.

The frames shape makes it great for transporting and easy placement on a car seat and features curved, ovalized caster arms.

The titanium wheelchair absorbs vibration, is unbreakable* and has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal!

The TiFit ZR Rigid wheelchair frame is made to measure and brings unparalleled performance and function, featuring Precision Lock Technology. The chair is available in a variety of colours and a range of additional accessories can be added.

*through normal use

The image of the ZR Rigid Titanium wheelchair is for illustration purposes only.


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