Youngster 3 Childrens Wheelchair


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Youngster 3 Childrens Wheelchair

Carefully designed to increase independence and confidence, the Youngster 3 Children’s Wheelchair boasts an incredibly lightweight design allowing for excellent manoeuvrability and control.

Ideal for the active child, it will provide maximum freedom to participate in activities or play with friends while also sustaining optimum safety and stability. This chair is highly adjustable ensuring that it can be adapted and altered to meet your child’s changing needs. Due to the exclusive patented cross-brace, seat width and depth can be easily altered without any tools allowing it to accommodate growth.

The folding Youngster 3 Children’s Wheelchair delivers excellent flexibility offering a wide selection of options for improved safety, freedom, comfort and fun. Further to its unique look, there are 32 different frame colours so your child will be able to express their individual personality. For all standard features included, please see the product specification below.

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