Chiltern Shower Trolley


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Chiltern Shower Trolley

This fixed height Chiltern Shower Trolley is from a range of high quality mobile shower trolleys manufactured by one of the leading suppliers to the healthcare sector.

The Chiltern Shower Trolley allows the carer to easily transfer a user to the bathing area of the shower trolley and shower, dry and cloth the user, minimising the need for manual lifting, reducing any possible discomfort for the user and the risk of injury to the carer. Both sides of the shower trolley can be lowered for easy patient transfers from either side and all four of the trolleys castors are lockable to ensure a safe and stable base at all times. One of the castors is also directionally lockable to give the carer more control when moving or repositioning the trolley and user. The Chiltern Shower Trolley has a waterproof and comfortably padded liner with a head support to provide the user with the most comfortable bathing experience and is suitable for use with both adults and children.


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