Coopers Adjustable Elbow Crutches


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Coopers Adjustable Elbow Crutches

These Coopers Adjustable Elbow Crutches are lightweight, strong and manufactured to the very highest standards by Coopers, a company with an unrivalled reputation for quality and suppliers of mobility equipment to the NHS for many years.

These Coopers Single Adjustable Elbow Crutches are made from high quality, lightweight anodised aluminium and feature an angled neck to reduce the strain on the users wrist. The lightweight crutches have a fully pivoting arm cuff and a large contoured easy to grip plastic handle. These crutches have a fixed height top section, but are height adjustable from hand grip to floor, allowing the user to adjust the length of the crutches to give them the most comfortable possible position. Fitted with a large non slip ferrule for extra user safety, these crutches are sold as a pair. Coopers Single Adjustable Elbow Crutches are also available as a tall pair for users who are taller than average.


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