Coopers Fully Adjustable Crutches – Long


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Coopers Fully Adjustable Crutches

This pair of Fully Adjusable Crutches are manufactured by Coopers, a company with an unrivalled reputation for the manufacture and supply of very high quality, durable products, and suppliers of mobility equipment to the NHS for many years.

These Coopers Adjustable Crutches are made to the highest standard using lightweight aluminium and represent exceptional value for money. These Coopers crutches are almost identical to Coopers Double Adjustable Crutches in their design with the main difference being the handles. The standard Coopers Double Adjustable Crutches all feature handles that are made from plastic, whereas these crutches, described as fully adjustable for easier identification, feature slightly softer PVC handles that give a warmer feel. This standard length pair of adjustable elbow crutches have a fully pivoting closed arm cuff, allowing the user to use their hands freely without the risk of the crutch falling away as soon as the grip is released. The closed cuff means that even if the users grip is released from the handle, because the crutches cuff is looped around the upper arm, the crutch will not fall and instead will simply hang loosely from the arm until required. This is a particularly useful feature when trying to perform simple day to day tasks, such as opening a door or trying to remove money from a wallet or purse. The crutches have a large contoured PVC handle that give a secure, comfortable grip and have a very easy to operate and secure adjustment system, that allows the user to set up his crutches for both maximum support and comfort. Coopers Fully Adjustable Crutches are also available in a tall version and a short version in this section of our shop, ideal for those taller or shorter users. Please note this listing is for a pair of crutches.


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