Heavy Duty Comfort Grip Crutches


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Heavy Duty Comfort Grip Crutches

These Heavy Duty Comfort Grip Crutches are extremely strong and are manufactured to the highest standards representing real value for money.

They are supplied as a pair and are made from very strong steel, making them suitable for bariatric use. They are each fitted with hard wearing non-slip rubber ferrules to ensure that the user has a secure, stable and supportive base. This helps to improve user confidence and also reduces the risk of slips and falls. Designed specifically for use by the heavier user, the handles on these Heavy Duty Comfort Grip Crutches are wide and ergonomically shaped, spreading the pressure of the user’s weight across the whole palm of the hand evenly. This increases the comfort of the user whilst also reducing the risk of developing blisters. Both the shaft and cuff heights are fully adjustable which allows each user to achieve personalised comfort.


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