Ossenberg Comfort Grip Crutch – Pink – Left


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Ossenberg Comfort Grip Crutch

Specifically created for left-hand use, the Ossenberg Comfort Grip Crutch has been manufactured using the highest quality materials to guarantee excellent reliability.

Featuring 13 lower and 3 upper clips, it delivers outstanding adjustability; the height can be easily altered allowing it to be tailored to the individual user. With its anatomically shaped, Comfort Grip handle, it has been carefully designed to provide optimum user comfort; this makes it suitable for frequent Crutch users. Lightweight and incredibly easy to use, it is equipped with an anti-rust powder coating delivering unwavering durability. A slip-resistant, rubber ferrule is fitted which provides exceptional grip, therefore, ensuring the utmost levels of safety and security; this will aid the prevention of trips and falls. Supplied individually, this left-handed Ossenberg Comfort Grip Crutch comes in a vibrant Pink colour. Other colours are available and the right-handed version can also be purchased separately from this area of our website.


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