Height Adjustable Wheeled Walking Frame – Tall


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Height Adjustable Wheeled Walking Frame – Tall

This tall version of the lightweight Height Adjustable Wheeled Walking Frame has a wider overall width than most walking frames to give the user greater stability.

Designed with a standard hospital style walking frame shape, as used through out the NHS, the wheeled walking frame is made from lightweight anodised aluminium, making the frame lightweight yet sturdy and is height adjustable through a good range, allowing the user to set the walking frames height at the perfect level for both maximum comfort and support. This wheeled frame is fitted with two large front wheels which ensure it is very easy for the user to manoeuvre, and has easy to clean plastic handgrips and non-marking, slip resistant rubber feet on its rear legs for improved user safety. Height Adjustable Walking Frames are available in two different frame heights, this being the taller of the two, with both heights being available with wheels if required, all of these options are available in this area of our shop.


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