Apollo Pro Airflow Mattress


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Apollo Pro Airflow Mattress

The Apollo Pro Airflow Mattress is ideal for those users who are at a Very High Risk of developing pressure ulcers with its uniquely designed cell configuration it provides the best possible pressure relieving qualities.

As standard the Apollo Pro Alternating Pressure Mattress is supplied with an easy to use control box which eliminates the need for complex training. Highly unique the mattress features a ‘Timed Static Switch’ and ‘Seat Switch’, the Time Static Switch provides a stable surface to assist in patient transfers and good nursing practise and the Seat Switch increases the pressure in the sacrum area for when a patient is sat upright. To ensure optimum user comfort the Apollo Pro Air Flow Mattress manually adjusts to the user’s body shape, position and weight and the alternating cycle time variances are to offer different periods of pressure relief dependent on the user’s requirements.

For ultimate protection the Apollo Pro is supplied with a welded, vapour permeable, multi-stretch PU cover which prevents fluid ingress and internal mattress contamination. The cover can be simply wiped clean or completely removed and washed up to 95 degrees to promote maximum hygiene. This mattress is also fitted with audio and visual alarms to differentiate between low pressure, power failure and system failure errors.


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