Medley Ergo Hi-Lo Profiling Bed


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Medley Ergo Hi-Lo Profiling Bed

The low height of the Medley Ergo Hi-Lo Bed is designed to maximise safety.

The height of this Hi-Lo Profiling Hi-Lo bed offers increased security for clients enabling them to sleep with real peace of mind. The Medley Ergo Hi-Lo sits to the floor, (21 cm in height) which combined with a floor mattress, means that if a fall does take place any harm is reduced. Carers also have the option to raise the bed to a more suitable height, when necessary.

This Medley Ergo Low Bed makes it easier for clients to get in and out of bed, providing more independence and it is dual height adjustable, offering a 21 – 61 cm and a 28 – 68 cm height option.

All the Medley Ergo profiling beds are the perfect balance of budget, functionality and quality requirements. In essence, they offer cost effective patient care. They are also easy to transport and assemble.

The four-sectioned profiling mattress support allows for a range of height combinations, providing an ideal position for the carer and comfort for the user.

Improved functionality and efficiency The Medley Ergo has been specifically designed for quick transportation, to meet the needs of the transient working environments of Community Care provision. The Medley can be supplied on a transport kit so that the bed can easily be moved and installed. In addition, any assembling can be done without the use of tools or technicians

Height is no longer an issue The flexible design of the Etude Medley allows the bed to be mounted at a low height or a higher position, creating a range of working heights for the carer and transfer heights for the patient. This is facilitated by the unique feature of the bed end, which enables the mattress support to be mounted at both upper and lower positions.

Four section profiling mattress support Medley Ergo beds come with a full electric mattress support platform to suit individual patient requirements.

The Low Profiling Bed comes without side rails. Wooden or steel full length side rails are available as an added extra.

NB: The bed must not be used by patients under 12 years of age, or by patients with body size equivalent to an average 12 year old or smaller.


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