Nitrum Hybrid Wheelchair


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Nitrum Hybrid Wheelchair

The Nitrum Hybrid Wheelchair uses an enhanced lightweight adjustable wheelchair frame to offer a higher user weight of up to 140kg (22 stone), as well as increased stability.

The unique patented oval tubing of the Nitrum Pro is less prone to flexing under pressure than round tubing and is made from specially heat-treated, high-strength 7020 Aluminium to produce a much thinner, lighter and more rigid frame. Hand-welded elements of this wheelchair reduce energy loss otherwise produced through movement and vibration from moving parts, as well as contributing to the light weight.

With the unique Twist lock bar, you can use just one hand to release and fold the backrest, and it will also lock without the need to remove low-profile cushions or sideguards. Featuring double locking, you can use the same bar to lift it, making loading into cars or transporting the Nitrum Hybrid simple.

Patented, hollow-forged castor-links made of a single component provide optimal handing and propulsion compared with multiple welded components. The castor angle and height are also adjustable, with the link length and angle tailor-made to your preference. Mounted on the two castor arms, the Nitrum Hybrid features integrated LEDs with 3 operation modes – high or low light, and blinking. They can easily detach for weight-saving and charging, with an up-to 4hr run time.

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