Q500 F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair


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Q500 F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair

The Q500 F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair provides a low seat to floor height for excellent access to wheelchair adaptive vehicles and tables. This front-wheel drive wheelchair has a robust design that has been combined with advanced suspension and technology for a stable smooth ride in any terrain.

It is incredibly responsive with good manoeuvrability, making it great for indoor use. With large wheels and an excellent range, it provides the user with confidence and independence when travelling.

Its tailored seating system makes this wheelchair highly desirable. The flexible back cushion with adjustable straps and lateral support for unique comfort and easy positioning form to your shape. The power elevating and length compensating leg rest allow you to reach the best position. The reclining backrest ensures no sliding between you and cushion. The Sedeo Pro is highly flexible and fully adjustable.

It includes a distinguished style thanks to its matt-black finish, hidden components and wiring with sharp-tailored upholstery for a sleek and contemporary design. The choice of seven accent colours complements the matt-black body whilst at the same time personalising it to you.

This power wheelchair is available with the new C-Me technology as an optional extra. C-Me allows you to elevate up to 300mm at the same time as driving up to 4.8kmph at the touch of a button, allowing you to stay at eye-level whilst out and about, or helping you to access those hard-to-reach places such as high cupboards or supermarket shelves.

A list for the Q500 F Sedeo Pro Power Wheelchair’s standard features has been listed in the product specification below and extra custom features can be included to deliver you a chair that meets all of the user’s personal requirements.

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