TDX2 Sprint Football Wheelchair


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TDX2 Sprint Football Wheelchair

Due to accommodating all shapes and sizes with its seating system, the TDX2 Sprint Football Wheelchair is a perfect choice providing incredible control and ultimate performance. This Invacare product offers a highly adaptable seating system with back positioning and cushions that delivers maximum user comfort. Its intuitive DX2 control system allows the user to take control of their game and strike harder with its mid-wheel drive. It features interchangeable shrouds to allow for customisation to team colours and is quick and easy to adapt to any player’s needs.

This user confident chair improves the user’s game with its greater weight distribution and posture. The compact and stable wheelbase of this power chair features stability lock and sophisticated technology for excellent manoeuvrability. This exceptionally safe wheelchair includes a rear bumper as standard and option front bumper and H-belt; a full list of the TDX2 Sprint Football Wheelchair can be found in the product specification below.

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