Xenon 2 Swing Away Wheelchair


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Xenon 2 Swing Away Wheelchair

With a redesigned axle stem and unique cross-brace, the ultra-light Xenon 2 Swing Away Wheelchair is simple to lift, fold and transport. It has a minimalistic style, usually seen on an active rigid wheelchair and features a reinforced Swing-away front frame that offers an easier transfer when getting in and out.

This wheelchair is known as the ‘Allrounder’ in the Xenon three model range. It has the most compact folded dimensions, making for easier car transfers. It is the ideal travel companion for the active person. The aluminium latches on the cross-brace will keep the wheels paralleled when folding, which allows it to remain stable.

The Xenon 2 Swing Away Wheelchair features a padded Exo backrest that is made from a synthetic fibre. It is angle adjustable to give an ergonomic posture position and has an adjustable centre of gravity that offers a drive of both passive and very active. The back height can be adjusted as required.

The standard footboard is made using a lightweight black plastic that will flip up sideways and are depth and angle adjustable. Pneumatic Schwalbe tyres and lightweight wheels deliver optimum manoeuvrability. Long push handles and an adjustable tension nylon seat have been included for added convenience and comfort.

With a frame that is available in 32 colours, the you can personalise your Sunrise wheelchair to your preference.

The transportation brackets have been crash tested with the Xenon 2 Swing Away Wheelchair to ensure it is safe to use and give peace of mind when travelling.

A toolkit is also supplied when purchased.

All three models from the Xenon line are available from this section of the website.

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