S700 Sterling Mobility Scooter


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S700 Sterling Mobility Scooter

The S700 Sterling Mobility Scooter provides superior outdoor performance features. With its larger tyres, steeper roads, higher kerbs and more obstacles are able to be tackled far easier. This Sterling scooter is perfect for users who are always on the go and want a smooth drive each time with its all-round advanced suspension. Whether travelling around town or on tougher terrain, with each wheel having its own suspension it ensures optimum comfort for the user despite any bumps encountered. It features advanced lighting technology, including having 400 times more energy efficient bulbs compared to standard bulbs. Perfect positioning can be found with this scooters easy-to-adjust luxury seating. It has an adjustable seat height, depth and recline, as well as a depth, width and angle adjustable flip-up comfortable armrests. Users can effortlessly transfer into and out of the seat with its added seat rotation. An easy to reach, ergonomically designed delta handlebar has been fitted to be easily within user reach with its adjustable tiller, which automatically tilts the headlight with it. Users can control the scooter with just their figures or thumb with its unique wig-wag control system.


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