ST1 Boot Scooter – Blue


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ST1 Boot Scooter

This excellent, sapphire-blue Boot Scooter is not only great value for money, but it is also a strong and very versatile boot scooter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Manufactured for simple, convenient independence the Strider Micro Boot Scooter is suitable for nipping to the shops, or putting in the car boot to take on day trips and holidays. For ease of transportation this Scooter is designed with a compact, stylish frame which simply splits into two pieces that can be further split into five smaller pieces. The Scooter also has wireless connectors for quick and simple assembling and dismantling. Despite being extremely lightweight this Boot Scooter has plenty of power to easily take you up slopes and hills and will provide a maximum speed of 4 mph (6 kmh) and when fully charged it will provide a maximum range of 6 miles (10 kmh). For optimal levels of comfort the seat is well padded and rotates to ensure easy transfers to and from the Scooter, the seat height can also be adjusted to three different heights to further enhance user comfort. To offer additional comfort the tiller is adjustable for a tailored driving position. As standard the Strider Boot Scooter is fitted with many excellent safety features such as; Delta handlebar, anti-roll back system, anti-tippers, integrated bumper, reflectors, puncture-proof tyres and horn. All of these features provide the user with peace of mind and offer superior levels of safety and security. This is the Sapphire Blue version of the Strider Micro Boot Scooter – a Ruby Red version is also available in this section of the website.

Available in mainland UK only.


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