Softform Premier Visco Mattress


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Softform Premier Visco Mattress

The Invacare Softform Premier Visco Mattress is a pressure reducing mattress suitable for those considered at High Risk of developing pressure ulcers.

The mattress features a memory foam insert which is temperature sensitive to the body allowing it to conform to the body shape of the user providing exceptional comfort and facilitating pressure reduction by minimising peak pressures. The base is made of higher density foam further providing more comfort but also offering a more robust platform for support and also to prolong the lifespan of the mattress. Strikethrough Resistant Technology has been used to create the cover making it more resistant to abrasion and damage and swells less with water contact. Furthermore, the cover is multi stretch, breathable and waterproof allowing for heat and moisture to leave the mattress but also preventing the ingress of fluid. All of these benefits combine to make for a very tough and resilient mattress that will stand up to the high demands of a care home environment.

When assessing an individual for a pressure reducing mattress, it is advisable to carry out a risk assessment. The Waterlow scale for example provides a guide category of potential risk for that individual, based on the final score. The Invacare Softform Premier Visco Mattress has a Waterlow Score of 15+ making it suitable for users who are at High Risk of developing pressure ulcers.


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