Comfort Grip Adjustable Crutches


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Comfort Grip Adjustable Crutches

These Comfort Grip Adjustable Crutches are supplied as a pair and represent outstanding value for money.

These crutches are lightweight and made from robust, non-corroding aluminium. This makes them highly supportive as well as very manoeuvrable. Subsequently, these crutches are ideal for those with low mobility. They feature double adjustment so that each user can easily alter the height from the ground to the handle as well as the distance from the handle to the elbow cuff. This customisability makes them very comfortable to use and ensures that the user is given improved stability. With their Comfort Grip hand grips and rattle-free adjustment screws, these Comfort Grip Adjustable Crutches are perfectly designed for the user and are excellent mobility aids for elderly or disabled users.


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